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September 23, 2021

Niagara GSM Based Mobile Pump Controller

Installation Module:

  1. Easy Installation and simple maintenance services
  2. Operated through mobile phone from anywhere and anytime
  3. Protective terminal Controller
  4. Varied Wires and Switches with efficient valve interaction
  5. Visible Input and Output controllers for User Reliability
  6. GSM or SIM Card Connectivity with enhanced default settings
  7. Rapid connectivity with durable antenna
  8. Notifications for probable controller settings
  9. Manual ON and OFF settings
  10. Enhanced Auto and Manual operations
  11. Regional language options available with clear voice input

Benefits of GSM Mobile Pump Controller

  1. Low cost, Quality, Less Maintenance and robust device.
  2. No auxiliary power supply required for controller operation.
  3. Visible LED indications to know the power, relay (motor on) and GSM network
  4. SMS alerts for motor ON/ motor OFF. Live motor operation status available
    via SMS.
  5. Easy to install. Easy to operate.

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