Niagara Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

Irrigation Wireless Transmitter and Receiver for IoT based smart and drip irrigation systems.

Product Specification

Frequency50-60 Hz
Voltage V230 V AC
Weight0.8 Kg
Thickness1 mm

Product Description

User interfaceControl through Float switch
Operating Voltage

(Aux Supply)

230 V AC
Max Power Consumption

(Starter Unit)

1 A at 12V DC
Control Relay rating12V DC coil with 15A contact rating
Weight0.8 Kg
Board detailsFRA-Glass epoxy
Thickness: 1mm
Blue masked and legend printed
Double layer board
Covering boxABS
Programming LanguageC and ASM
Dimension – LXBXW140x130x90 mm
Rating (direct Load)Up to 2 HP
Rating (Indirect Load)Up to 3 HP
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