Automatic Solenoid Valve


  • Operate the valves through mobile phones. Also available auto / manual operation.
  • Build with Superior quality, Glass-filled nylon is used to design the solenoid
    valve body cover and diaphragm piston assembly so they may withstand brutal
    conditions and provide trust worthy performance.
  • The heavy duty globe design valve is made so that the flow is up through the seat ring
    and against the bottom of the disc. This prevents accumulation of dirt and debris above
    the disc.
  • By default, Valve will be in a closed position and forward flow type and when energised
    it allows the flow of liquid in a linear motion.
  • Fast switching ability can operate at varied flow rate and designed to operate the
    pressures from 20-150 psi with an optimum flow range of 20-150 GPM.
  • Ultra smooth operation makes the water to flow slowly to prevent the pipe damages
  • Mounting flexibility – Horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Chemical resistance military grade plastic construction to withstand in extreme
    weather conditions
  • Noise Free Operation Specially built and engineered to perform noise free operation
  • Dual mode Operation Both automatic and manual function modes in built,
    can operate the valve even during the power failure
  • Product Dimensions 8″ x 6″ x 6″ – (20.3 cm) x (15.2 cm) x (15.2 cm) H x L x W
  • Available in 2″,3″,4″ sizes with 12 bar pressure at affordable Price
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