Little Star MON

Little Star MON uses the mechanism of automatic water pump controller and can be operated in semi and fully automatic mode. It monitors continuously the water level thereby no wastage of water and saves time. The flow technology for single phase pump automatically controls the tank level without the overflow of water.

Features :

  • Niagara automatic water pump controller since the water level in upper tank using float Technology.
  • Switch off the water pump when the upper tank is full / when the sump is empty.
  • Switch on the water pump when the upper tank is empty and when the sump has enough water.
  • LED display indication
  • Auto /off / manual mode operation
  • Heavy duty model

Suitable for

  • Single phase monoblock pumps,
  • Single phase openwell pumps (without starting capacitor)
  • Single phase Jet pumps

Dimension : 125x190x70

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