3010 BSS

Automatically controls tank level without any overflow of water. It uses Float Technology for a three phase submersible pump. Dry run protection and dry run restart timer is a unique feature.

Features :

  • Niagara automatic water pump controller sense the water level in upper tank using float technology
  • Switch off the water pump when the upper tank is full /when the bore or sump is empty
  • Switch on the water pump when the upper tank is empty and when the bore or sump has enough water
  • Switch off the water pump during low voltage and high voltage cutoff & automatically switch on during normal voltage
  • Switch off the water pump during dry run and overload
  • Advanced micro controller based digital single phase preventer
  • Current sensing based dry run and overload protection
  • User friendly LED and seven segment indication display
  • User programmable voltage and current settings opection

Available Timers

  • Power on delay timer
  • Dry run restart timer

Suitable for

  • Three phase submersible pumps

Dimension: 150x150x100

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