Fertigation Automation

Operating Principle : The Fertigation unit feeds specific
amounts of nutrients and acids dissolved in a homogenous
solution straight into the irrigation system, either manual or
automatic. Accurate suction for fertilizers and acids based on
the VENTURI concept, which harnesses surplus pressure in the
irrigation system to generate a low pressure zone, or vacuum, in
the injector throat.
To activate the Venturi dosing unit, a booster pump generates extra pressure. This dosing system
is available in a variety of configurations, with a wide choice of dosing channels, booster pumps,
controllers, peripheral devices, and accessories to accommodate all plot sizes, crops, and
applications, as well as customized client demands.


  • Modular and scalable for on soil or substrate application with minimal investment and
    efficient use of water, fertilizer and energy.
  • A wide range of dosing channel flow rates is available, and it may be used for volumetric
    or proportional fertigation.
  • Easy integration into existing irrigation system because the venturi operating principle
    have lack of moving parts.
  • Highly accurate dosing Channels
  • Dosing Valves with Rapid Action
  • Up to 6 fertilizer/acid dosing Channels
  • Quick and easy formula adjustments, manual or fully automated processes and a wide choice
    of integrated accessories and peripherals
  • Components and pipework are made of high-quality PVC and aluminum, and the frame is
    corrosion-resistant with adjustable legs.


  • Time based Fertigation
  • Flow based Fertigation
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