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August 25, 2021

Drip Irrigation for coconut farming

Mr. Balathandabani, Palladam having 15-acre coconut tree farming

Before Installation
He is struggling with laborers and water feed is not proper and prompt.
Due to the inadequate water supply, he has a low yield.
Manual water supply is a high time-consuming task and lacks surveillance.
Feels harder to maintain the farm.

After Installation (Drip Irrigation from Niagara Solutions)
After Installing the drip irrigation system from Niagara he feels no need for manpower
And needs no surveillance and getting updates on his GPS connected mobile device
That keep updated about the farm and water quantity
An automatic drip irrigation system helps to operate where ever he is on.

25% High yield than before
Simple and easy to all from younger to elder
Proper service and maintenance

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