Water level Monitor

Niagara Solutions manufactures and distributes IoT based water level monitoring system. We distribute our water level monitoring devices throughout Tamil Nadu, India.

  • An automatic wireless water level controller becomes a critical factor that further reduces human intervention to avoid wastages.
  • Thereby wastage of water and power can be reduced considerably. It also protects the motor from running dry and thus ensures durability.
1 PhasePump Starter

Key Benefits of Product

Reduce Electricity

Control Power Fluctuation

Uninterrupted water supply

  • Using a water level controller reduces the consumption of electricity. This is because water levels are controlled automatically, which limits the amount of electricity used.
  • One of the chief advantages of the water level controllers is that it encompasses the ability to monitor power fluctuations when the motor is turned on.
  • It provides 24 x 7 uninterrupted service when the motor is switch on when the overhead tank becomes empty and switches off automatically when the underground tank is empty, or the overhead tank becomes full.
  • Single Phase Submersible Pump starter

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