Little Star L SON

Little Star L SON uses the float and magnetic sensor technology to automatically control the tank level without overflow for a single phase pump with dry run protection

Features :

  • Niagara automatic water pump controller since the water level in upper tank using float technology.
  • Switch off the water pump when the upper tank is full / when the sump is empty.
  • Switch on the water pump when the upper tank is empty and when the sump has enough water.
  • Switch off the water pump during dry running mode
  • Magnetic tape Low level high level operation
  • Dry run protection (sensor type)
  • Power on delay timer
  • LED light indication

Suitable for

  • Single phase monoblock pumps
  • Single phase openwell pumps (without starting capacitor)
  • Single phase jet pumps

Dimension : 125x190x70

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