Automatic 1/3 Star Delta Starter


Automatic 1/3 phase star delta timers help to save and manage your time and pumps. These starters help to fix the problems and sense the damages immediately. It regulates the timings, switching on/off the pumps, water flow, and the breakage in the pumps. In case, of any malfunctions, the mobile starters notify the farmers through SMS, call, or application notifications.

Features :

  • Switch ON the Pump when Power Supply OFF/ON
  • Low Voltage Cut Off
  • Dry/Run Overload Protection
  • Adjustable voltage-current Settings
  • MicroController based single phase preventer
  • Reverse Phase Sensing
  • Low Voltage Capacitor Correction
  • LED Display

Inbuilt Timers

  • 4 Power on Delay Timer.
  • Adjustable Star to Delta Timer.
  • Adjustable Starting Capacitor Timer.
  • Dry run Restart Timer
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