3 Phase GSM Smart Star Delta Panel


  • Regional Languages Select Option for Voice response
  • Pump operation status
  • Available voltage at the site | Pump Load (Current)
  • Motor ON/OFF Status with real time
  • Power ON/OFF status as feed pack to customers through SMS
  • The pump can be operated from anywhere through mobile
  • Top / Bottom Tank Level Control – Optional
  • Low / High Voltage Cut-Off
  • Dry Run / Over Load Protection
  • Dry Run Restart Timer Facility
  • In built Delay on Timer, Cyclic Timer
  • User Programmable Voltage & Current Settings
  • User Programmable Timer Settings
  • LCD Display Indication
  • Microcontroller based single phase preventer
  • Maximum Run Timer and RTC Timer

Suitable for

  • All Types Of Three Phase Pumps Available Hp Rating: 7.5hp, 10hp, 15hp, 20hp.
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