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Smart irrigation systems customize watering schedules and run times automatically to meet specific landscape needs. These controllers significantly improve outdoor water use efficiencies.That operates on a preset programmed schedule and timers, smart irrigation controllers monitor weather, soil conditions, vaporation, and plant water use to automatically adjust the watering schedule to the actual condition of the site.

Key Benefits of Service

  • Irrigation system efficiency is dependent upon several factors including design, installation and specific site conditions. Water applied to a landscape can account for a significant portion of a property’s water use. Smart irrigation controllers and sensors have been developed to reduce outdoor water use by irrigating based on plant water need compared to traditional automatic system timers, which irrigate on a user-determined fixed schedule.
    • This technology exists as a complete controller or as a sensor that can be added to an existing irrigation timer to create a smart controller. Smart irrigation technology uses weather data or soil moisture data to determine the irrigation need of the landscape.
      • These products maximize irrigation efficiency by reducing water waste, while maintaining plant health and quality. Incorporating smart irrigation technology in the landscape can potentially reduce outdoor water consumption. This technology is appropriate for small, residential landscapes as well as large, managed landscapes.

Advvantages :

  • Optimize water levels
  • Long Term Enhanced Landscape Health
  • Prepare For The Future Of Water Pricing
  • App-based Initial Setup and Programming
  • Sensing Capabilities
  • More Affordable Smarter Hardware
  • Location-Based Mapping
  • Reliable and Accurate Measuring Methods
  • Climate-based controllers also referred to as evapotranspiration (ET) controllers use local weather data to adjust irrigation schedules. Evapotranspiration is the combination of evaporation from the soil surface and transpiration by plant materials.
    • These climate-based controllers gather local weather information and make irrigation run-time adjustments so the landscape only receives the appropriate amount of water.
      • Smart irrigation controllers include soil moisture sensor controllers. The soil moisture sensor estimates the soil volumetric water content.Volumetric water content represents the portion of the total volume of soil occupied by water.The controllers can be adjusted to open the valves and start irrigation once the volumetric water content reaches a user-defined threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep works its seds nutrient and water system from being cut. Trunk ours guards also …

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep works its seds nutrient and water system from being cut. Trunk ours guards also…

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep its nutrient andwater system from being cut. Trunk guards also protect trees from rodents and other small animals.

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