Precision Farming System

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Precision farming is a way of farm management that optimizes output by using spatially targeted information and technology so different parts of a farm can get treatments best suited for their environmental conditions in terms of soil, slope, or sunlight. This is a farming management system based on the use of modern technologies at every stage of work.

Niagara Solutions contributes to Precision farming techniques with new innovative sensors and devices and supplies throughout Tamil Nadu, India with an extensive dealer and distribution network. Precision farming benefits outperform the cost by cultivating high-value agricultural products irrespective of the regions.

Key Benefits of Precision Farming

  • Precision agriculture is a present-day farming practice that involves observing, measuring and responding to Intra and inter-field crop variability. It is also called satellite farming with a site-specific crop farming management concept that makes the production process more efficient.
    • Precision farming is taken on to error-free management, reduces production costs and improves food yield using fewer resources. Precision agriculture allows growers and farmers to work with better soil in larger fields and manages them as a group of small fields.
      • Precision farming involves strategic ways of guiding farmers in crop rotation, optimal planting or harvesting times and soil management to improve crop productivity and efficiency while reducing environmental impact. Environmental variation in soil, weather, vegetation, water and other factors that determine the growth of healthy crop and higher yield are considered for farming success and conservation of natural resources.

The goal of precision farming is to

  • Reduce potential environmental risks and improved agricultural yield.
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time data collection of parameters by the application of sensing devices.
  • Maintain optimal conditions for plant growth.
  • Integrated farm management techniques to improve productivity.
  • Saving time and cost.
  • Manage farm records and reduces environmental pollution.
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