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Multi Tank Wireless Water Controller

Multi Tank Wireless Water Controller

  1.  Used in single motor, multiple tanks application
  2.  Working in wireless based, so we can fix easy & user friendly (500 meter radius)
  3.  We can set 2 tanks as first preferences to keep water always available in that tanks
  4.  We can pipeline damages in the time of valve not open timings by feedback technology
  5.  GSM (T/R) based wireless level Transmitter / Receiver
  6.  Top Tank Level Control
  7.  Bottom Tank Level Control
  8.  Dry Run / Over Load Protection Dry Run Restart Timer Facility/ Cyclic Timer Facility
  9.  Surge Protector
  10.  User Programmable Voltage & Current Settings


  1.  e Easy to install
  2.  No wiring required and from top tank to pump controller
  3.  Reliable, Portable and compatible – Transmission Range-GSM switch has no range restrictions
  4.  on network availability

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