Micro Irrigation System

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Micro-irrigation System is a modern form of irrigation; which involves the dripper, sprinklers, foggers, and other emitters on the land Surface. This system carries a specific or desired amount of nutrition to the plants directly to the root zone. The system has an extensive network of pipes operated at low pressure. At pre-determined spacing, outlets are provided for emission water generally known as emitters. water is applied slowly allowing it to be absorbed rather than quickly result in surface runoff.

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Key Benefits and Advantage of Service

  • Micro irrigation offers considerable flexibility in fertilization. However, fertilizers must be completely soluble in water to be distributed evenly through the drip system. The crops are fixed with drippers around the root zone. Many types of drippers are available and they are Inline drippers, on-line Drippers, Microtubes, Pressed compensated drippers.
    • Micro Irrigation system well suits the large farming crops(widely focuses the sandy and loamy crops). Micro-irrigation also suits horticulture and small grasses through sprinkler irrigation at a lower height in various directions. Portable Micro Sprinklers are widely used up in nurseries and lawns in soils with low water holding capacity.
      • It reduces salinity hazards to plants. Minimizing the salinity hazard to plants irrigated by drip irrigation can be attributed to dilution of the soil solution’s salt concentration, elimination of leaf damage caused by foliar salt absorption with sprinkler irrigation.
      • Further drip irrigation systems can be easily automated where labor is limited & expensive using simple automation equipment such as electrical, mechanical, or battery-operated time clocks that activate pumps and solenoid valves at a selected time during the day.
  • The operational and labor cost can be reduced by simultaneous application of water, fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, and other additives through the drip irrigation system. Localized dry and wet patterns facilitate these simultaneous operations. Not only will the low-application rate reduce operating costs, the lower operating pressure means a reduction in the pumping head requirements, which will result in pumping energy savings.

Advantages of micro irrigation system :

  • Water-saving and higher yield
  • High quality and increased fruit size
  • Suitable for all types of soil
  • An easy method of fertigation and chemigation
  • Saving in labor and field preparation cost
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