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Irrigation Control Panels

Irrigation Control Panels

At Niagara Solutions, We offer a wide variety of Irrigation control panels based on our customer requirements.

We offer the following products

  1. Single Phase mobile starters and Controllers
  2. Automatic Smart starters and preventers
  3. Three Phase Starters
  4. Automatic Nano starters and preventers
Transmitter and Receiver

Normally, regulating water levels can consume electricity and wastewater. Through an automatic water pump controller, the overfull and dry run is controlled. The automatic water pump controllers are flexible and easy to maintain at a cost-effective price. With the automatic water pump controller’s help, the wastage has been reduced and turns off the motor as soon as the pump water reaches its level.

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Key Benefits of Product

Automatic Nano starters and preventers

Save Power


Fully Automated

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