GSM Based 4G Automatic Pump Controller With GPRS Single Phase

1010 S GSM BOD


Suitable For

Single Phase Pumps.


  • Regional Languages Select Option for Voice response.
  • Pump operation status
    The available voltage at the site | Pump Load (current)
    Motor ON/OFF Status with real-time
    Power ON/OFF status as feedback to customers through SMS
  • The pump can be operated from anywhere through mobile.
  • Top / Bottom Tank Level Control – Optional.
  • Low / High Voltage Cut-Off.
  • Dry Run / Over Load Protection.
  • Dry Run Restart Timer Facility.
  • In-built Delay on Timer, Cyclic Timer, RTC Timer, Maximum Run Timer.
  • Adjustable Voltage & Current Settings.
  • User Programmable Timer Settings.
  • LCD Display Indication.

Technical Specifications

Description Rating
Operating Voltage (AC) 1∅ – 150V to 270V
Operating Voltage for Float Sensor Min 12V DC
Calibration accuracy +/- 5%
Dimension L 150 X W 80 X H 350 mm
Operating Current For Load
Relay Load 1∅ – 20 Amp
Motor Rating**
Direct Load 1∅ – 2 HP
Indirect Load *** Any Size