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July 2, 2021

Farm automation system: Artificial intelligence in agriculture

The farm automation system is undertaking technology and artificial intelligence in agriculture. It is a reformation for the fields. It has taken its prior steps a decade before when tractors are used for harvesting. Later on, the updates are rapid that have introduced robotic tractors, harvesters, survey equipment, drone management, smart farming, and sensors in agriculture.

Many exciting automatic technologies have emerged in farming and agricultural management.


 Many of the countries across the world have replaced workers and farmers with robots and artificial intelligence, It is an evidenced survey that the profit is higher and the production is noteworthy. The use of robotics, artificial intelligence drones will manage sowing seeds, dressing, and harvesting crops. Whereas, equipped sensors will monitor the seed content, soils, and animal grazing. Carbon management tools are also brought to ease carbon footprints.


This technique has impacted major evidenced support for laborers. The intense time conservation is the other notable feature of the Farm automation system. The objective of agritech management is to manage the attempts to grow more food in lesser space. Some many inputs and experiments are applied and researched to tackle the predominant need of the situation with reoccurring planned impacts.

Agriculture technology not only focuses on the production and profit in the agricultural farm but also the difficulties of farmers and laborers. It saves money and time for both of them. It saves high energy for the people working in the farm field. Their kinetic energy will be replaced with monitoring automation techniques. The salary that was spent on the labors will be spent efficiently on the technical devices and other consumption works as necessary.


Application of fertilizers, irrigation, harvesting, and agricultural processes found its alternatives with robotic vehicles, technical applications, and Information technologies. Eco-friendly innovations are most welcomed by the farmers.

Technical Revolution has great sake for Sustainable development. It covers many goals like Zero hunger, No poverty, Good health and well being, Clean water and sanitization, Affordable and clean energy, Decent work and Economic growth, Industry, Innovation and infrastructure, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production, Climate Action, Life on land. Out of all, it focused on most of the global goals. It is absolutely a clear vision for the biggest shine in the agricultural industry.


Smart farming increases the control of cost management and waste reduction overproduction.  It keeps track of crop growth, livestock health, yield rates, production management, and requirement data. Farmers need not pay higher attention to observing their agricultural management. Their higher work will be monitoring and analyzing the innovative friends.

Smart farming is a robust implementation for the recent socio-economical, biological, social, and physical crises like population development, climate change, global challenges, and mechanical production. Solution for all precise problems is found with alternative technology and innovation.

It also facilitates careful management over goods delivery in the production market. This prevents waste of time and power.


At the heart of new inventions, robotic applications in agriculture are producing high yields and deploying farmers. Automatic tools like electric tractors,  drones, robotic arms, high-tech machines have been the greater innovations and creative applications.

How are Agricultural Robotics applications used:

No specific task is customized by agricultural automation. It covered all ranges of agricultural; works like production management, data storing, observing the agricultural lands, managing and maintain field harvesting, irrigations, and yield controls.

Smart farm, a well-emerged application in the new agricultural industry came up with many mind-blowing inventions and creative theoretical platforms. They pave a neat way for easy and rapid development in agricultural management.


Drip irrigation is an advanced method of supplying water, fertilizer, and other nutrients to the soil and crops. This technique emerged a decade ago. But each interval of time, drip irrigation is updated with advanced machinery and techniques. Drip irrigation is the process of supplying water directly into the roots rather than soil.

How is Drip Irrigation Superior to Other Automation techniques?

Automation is an infinite term that has an abundant technology within itself. Each field and farming work is integrated with advanced technologies and processes.

Comparatively, Drip Irrigation stands superior out of all Farm Automation technologies. This is mainly because of the uproot benefits with it. Drip irrigation is the prior and basic process in farming. It is the most essential step of all as it delivers water and other sufficient nutrients to the root. Though the automatic systems are many, they are processes enhancing agriculture and farming. But Drip irrigation is a method that facilitates the entire process.

Without efficient growth of the root and strong foundation of the soil, no other process is applicable,

How does Niagra facilitate Farmers with drip Irrigation?

We provide productive appliances for Drip Irrigation at reasonable prices. We guarantee the product's quality. You can have a trial of the appliance setting before you are completely into it.

The tubes, pipes, valves, emitters, processors, water networking pipes are available at varied sizes and specifications. You can avail of the required product after checking. You will be provided with a user manual that will help you with instructions, Maintainance of the appliances will also be facilitated with consistent services at required intervals. We facilitate farmers with responsible services.

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