Automatic Water Pump Controller

Niagara Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of GSM-based automatic water pump controllers at affordable prices. It helps control the pumps through the network or through a timer. With help of our automatic water pump controller. Farmers and farm managers get the freedom of operation as well as reduced cost and overhead of farm management.

  • The automatic Water pump controller detects the Water level of the overhead tank and reservoir.
    • You can operate the motor pump from anywhere in the world through CALL / SMS / Android app. An automatic wireless water level controller becomes a critical factor that further reduces human intervention to avoid wastages.
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Key Benefits of Product

Reduce Wastage

Save Power


Fully Automated

  • Normally, regulating water levels can consume electricity and wastewater. Through an automatic water pump controller, the overfull and dry run is controlled.
  • The automatic water pump controllers are flexible and easy to maintain at a cost-effective price.
  • With the automatic water pump controller’s help, the wastage has been reduced and turns off the motor as soon as the pump water reaches its level.
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